OT Educational Solution


  • Clinical nursing: heavy emphasis on practice-based professional learning (PBPL), especially in OT.
  • Clinical theories and knowledge: rely heavily on observation, hands-on practical and on-the-job training (OJT).
  • Passing of knowledge traditionally involves preceptorship or preceptor shadowing, writing down of notes and direct experiences with surgeries and surgeons.
  • Traditionally, preceptorship offers a form of experience with seniority. Preceptors may often advise juniors to record whatever is learnt, crammed into an individual notebook.
  • Surgeons’ preference lists are commonly managed by an assigned group of nurses. Preference lists may lack standardisation or be outdated.

What is OT Educational Solution?

  • OPERA-Note is an information-sharing tool for OT nurses.
  • It supports the standardization and digitalization of surgery information for OT nurses, such as the surgery preparation workflow.
  • Anyone/ Anytime/ Anywhere. Information is easily accessible at any place and time.
  • Clear indication of surgery flow; role and responsibilities of each staff roles.



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