To promote good heath and prosperity through contributions to medical progress.

Improve Safety and Efficiency at Medical Institutions

HOGY Medical has been a leading Japanese medical-related products manufacturer since 1961.

We provide Japanese premium quality products, such as sterilization products and medical use non-woven disposable products, to improve Infection Management.

Our Solutions

HOGY Medical Asia Pacific will introduce Premium Japan Quality Products and Services to medical fields around the world.

OT Productivity Solution

Supply in healthcare infrastructure is not meeting the healthcare demand. To close the gap, HOGY will support the hospitals to improve the OT operation.

OT Supply Chain Solution

The more surgeries performed in the OT, the more stocks the OT keeps. Meanwhile, the limited stock space in OT would be one of bottleneck for hospitals to increase the # of surgeries.

OT Analysis Solution

The OT is an expensive resource in a hospital. Improving and optimizing the OT also leads to better access to care for patients.

OT Educational Solution

Clinical nursing – heavy emphasis on practice-based professional learning (PBPL), especially in OT.

Clinical theories and knowledge - rely heavily on observation, hands-on practical and on-the-job training (OJT).

Opera-Times Articles

The contents are not publicly disclosed, for the protection of personal information. If you are a healthcare professional and would like to receive a copy of the magazine, please click here to contact us.

“Last-minute opening” (opening after the patient enters the operating room) for every case by exploiting Premium Kits for further safety in the operating room

As a core hospital in the southern Fukuoka prefecture, Kurume University Hospital performs about 8,000 operations a year.

Opera Master and Premium Kit has streamlined the preparations for surgical operations and the management of the operating room

JA Onomichi General Hospital has charge of acute medical care in the Bisan area, centered in Onomichi and Mihara cities, Hiroshima Prefecture. 

Promote new technology development for lung cancer and lung transplantation surgery

The Department of Thoracic Surgery, Kyoto University Hospital is a leader in lung cancer and lung transplant surgery in Japan. Spearheaded by Dr. Hiroshi Date, they have performed approx. 4,000 surgeries to date.